Team Members

Chris Martinez

With 29 years experience in the Hispanic Food Industry, Chris has been involved in all aspects of Manufacturing, Operations, Sales, and Marketing. Chris was instrumental in building his family's business Albuquerque Tortilla Company which became a market leader in the Southwestern United States. After Albuquerque Tortilla Company was sold to Mission Foods in 2011 Chris started The Authentic New Mexican which is rapidly growing into a premium Hispanic food supplier in the Southwest.

Robin Martinez

Robin has 20 years experience in the Hispanic Food Industry and is an expert in logistics and product introduction. She also has vast knowledge in the development of new products along with new product presentation. With expertise in package design and nutritional authentication, Robin has been instrumental in building new markets for The Authentic New Mexican and is a pivotal part of our team.

Phillip Palomino

Phil began a career in the Hispanic food retail industry in 1997 with Albuquerque Tortilla Company. He managed and maintained the growth of sales in the markets of Arizona and New Mexico. Since then Phil has continued to worked in a fast-paced, customer service oriented profession with several national companies for the past 20 years. He has earned the respect of his colleagues through hard work and dedication. From business colleagues to friends who were surveyed, Phil has what it takes to help make The Authentic New Mexican extremely successful. He will count on his reputation to exceed expectations while continuously establishing an active client base.

Victor A. Ortiz

Over the past 25 years Victor has successfully managed a full complement of the finance and accounting functions of various manufacturing, tribal governments and non-profits entities. Moreover, his competent oversight, attributed to the financial stability of each of these entities. Furthermore, Victor’s propensity to meet each of these organization’s objectives, through responsive resolution of all organizational obstacles allowed him to attain key status amongst Board of Directors, and all levels of management, as an individual who attains results in a timely manner and is someone to depend on to achieve organizational directives. In 2011, Mr. Ortiz was a key player in facilitation of the sale of a $20M tortilla manufacturing operation to Gruma Corporation dba Mission Foods. He continues to ensuring all aspects of TANM’s finance and accounting functions are aligned with their organizational objectives.

Victor received his Bachelors of Accountancy and Associates of Criminal Justice from New Mexico State University.